Now is the time for us to harness the political climate and elect more Green MEPs

I believe there are three issues of particular significance in Europe today: the financial crisis, the democratic deficit and the climate crisis.

With Keith Taylor MEP and Green Councillors Mike Jones and Phelim MacCafferty at Balcombe anti-fracking blockade

The financial crisis has created real hardship in Europe, and with it a tendency towards nationalism. To tackle it we need to address the inequalities and injustices which lie at the heart of neo-liberal
capitalism and austerity economics – something which I have a lot of experience in fighting at a local level, and in my previous role assisting Caroline and Keith in the European Parliament itself.

The EU’s democratic deficit was laid bare during the Greek debt crisis, where austerity was foisted on an unwilling nation; and the failure of European institutions to properly engage with citizens is at the heart of both Brexit and increasing euro-scepticism in Italy, Poland and Hungary.

And finally, with the climate crisis now well and truly upon us, young people across Europe are taking to the streets demanding action. I was at the European Greens Congress in 2011 when the Paris Declaration was drawn up, and the importance of implementing its Twelve Green proposals for a socially just and environmentally sustainable solution to the crisis has never been greater than now.

Campaigning with Caroline Lucas MP in Brighton

The European Parliament is uniquely placed to address these great challenges, most crucially those with no regard for national borders. Greens have consistently had the strongest voices on climate change, human rights and social justice; and I have the experience, the capability and the commitment to fight for the changes we so urgently need at European level.

With experience as a researcher for Caroline and Keith in the European Parliament, I understand its mechanisms and how best to make an impact. Fluent in French and proficient in German, I can communicate directly with most MEPs.

As Senior Campaigns Coordinator for Caroline’s first two general elections and Elections Coordinator for the first Green council, I’ve played a key role in the Party’s greatest electoral successes. And as a City Councillor of ten years and the Deputy Mayor of Brighton & Hove, I know how to work with other parties, to compromise, be pragmatic and where to draw the line.  I am a good listener – to colleagues, to constituents, and most of all to the membership of the Green Party.

Chairing a Panel on Climate Action at the South East’s Little Green Gathering

British politics is in a state of chaos and people are certainly not eager to vote for the other parties. As second on the Euro list for the South East in 2014 I’ve campaigned alongside Keith throughout the region and I’m ambitious for us to elect at least two MEPs representing the region this time. I believe that now is the time for us to harness the political climate in the UK and elect more Green MEPs.