About Alex

Hi, I’m Alexandra Phillips, a Green Councillor on Brighton & Hove City Council and Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove

I joined the Greens in 2003, and have always enjoyed elections and campaigning. As Senior Campaigns Organiser for Caroline’s two General Elections and as Elections Co-ordinator for the UK’s first Green-led Council, I have been involved in the Party’s greatest electoral successes.

My day job is for a national health charity as their Campaigns and Parliamentary Lead. I have lived in Brighton and Hove since 2008, when I moved from Brussels where I worked for Caroline in the European Parliament when she was an MEP.

I love the city in which I live and the whole of the South East region which I managed to explore properly when I worked for Keith Taylor as one of his Regional Liaison Officers and as our second candidate on the South East European list.

I am passionately against any form of Brexit and sincerely hope that we stay in the EU. I am hugely ambitious for the Green Party and my focus is to elect two MEPs for the South East in 2019!

Please consider voting for me as your number 1 choice for the South East, thank you!